Focus export : les pays baltes et les Balkans

Focus export : les pays baltes et les Balkans

Découvrez quelques-unes des clés pour exporter dans les pays baltes (Estonie, Lettonie et Lituanie) et les Balkans (Serbie, Croatie, Slovénie et Bulgarie) : une présentation du marché de la musique classique dans ces pays avec notamment des informations sur la taille et le nombre de festivals et de salles de concerts, le nombre de concerts par saison, les tendances de la programmation dans ces pays pour les artistes internationaux et nationaux, les visas pour les pays hors de l’UE…

N.B. : Session en anglais et à compléter avec l’atelier sur la Roumanie (même jour à 10h00).

Focus on Baltic States and the Balkans

Unlock some of the keys for touring in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and the Balkans (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bulgaria): a presentation of the classical sector in these countries including information about the number and size of venues and festivals, the number of concerts per season, the programming strands of international artists vs local, information, visa info for non-EU countries…

N.B. : Session in English to be completed with the session on Romania.

Intervenants :

Peter Puskas, Artist Management and Consultancy at Puskas International 

Ieva Tamutyté, Deputy Director of the Lithuanian Philharmonic Society

Françoise Clerc, Classical Music & Jazz Projects at French Music (moderator)


Date / Heure : vendredi 28 avril de 17h00 à 17h45

Lieu : Espace Pro, salle atelier

Partenaire : Bureau Export

Accès : accès uniquement avec le Pass Pro ( )


Biography of Peter Puskas

Born in Vienna, Peter started his musical education with the Vienna Boys Choir, while also working for over 7 years as an actor at the Vienna Burgtheater. He later studied piano, chamber music and conducting at the Vienna Conservatoire. Combining both his musical and stage interests, Peter worked for several years as assistant and musical advisor to stage designer Günther Schneider Siemssen, subsequently working in a variety of roles for large scale opera productions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Since coming to the UK in 2005, Peter has had several positions with video on demand platforms dedicated to classical music, among others collaborating with the Salzburg festival on their first video stream and publishing content from the former Soviet Television Archive. In recent years, Peter worked for the Arts Council of England's Music Team. Puskas International artist management and consultancy was set up in 2012.