Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of June 2018

The Association des Scènes Nationales, Bureau Export, FEVIS, France Festivals, Futurs Composés, Grands Formats, the Institut français and REMA (European Early Music Network) present the 3rd edition of NEW DEAL meeting part of MUSICORA, the French Music event. It will take place on Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd of June 2018 (at Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris).

Dedicated to French and Europeans professionals (artists, ensembles, promoters, artists managers, labels, publishers, festivals…) professional days of Musicora and NEW DEAL will consist of speedmeetings, thematic panels in small groups, conferences and showcases. 

  • A major meeting : over 350 participants in 2017, 130 organisations and 10 countries. 500 participants expected in 2018.
  • More than 400 meetings organised, coaching with co-organisers staff :
  • Collaborative planning organisation Musicora and partners orgnaisations. 

Due to the success of the past years, NEW DEAL @ MUSICORA expands its programme by developing new networking opportunities :

  • Jazz and early music professionals join NEW DEAL from 2018.
  • NEW DEAL @ MUSICORA becomes a 2 days event : Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of June 2018. 
  • Additionnal project funding workshops and speedmeetings.
  • Artists showcases on Friday 1st June (pm) dedicated to music professionals.
  • Specific Corner dedicated to Live sector, publishers, labels and professional press Service providers
  • Programme planned carefully to allow participants to participate to as many events as possible. Priority is made to speedmeeting slots.
  • A larger Professional Area for networking and speedmeeting areas  - free refreshments all day long.

Musicora Professional Days Program:

Friday, June 1st, 2018 :

  • 9:30 am: welcoming coffee
  • 10h - 13h: speedmeetings NEW DEAL live music > see the speedmeetings registration procedure below
  • 11h - 13h: project funding speedmeetings
  • 13h - 14h: lunch break
  • 14h - 18h: showcases (program in progress) - reserved to music professional
  • 15h - 18h: conferences and thematic workshops (topics to be confirmed)

- Support to contemporary music
- Reaching out to new audiences
- Distribution: strategy and best practices
- Ticketing services
- Professional integration
- Present your project
- Agents & managers
- Export

  • 18:30 - 19:30: Opening cocktail of Musicora

Throughout the day, meet service providers of the live sector at the Corners Pro

Saturday, June 2, 2018:

    9:30 am: welcome and coffee
    9h30 - 12h30: speed-meetings NEW DEAL live music
    9:30 am - 12:30 pm: Meet service providers of the live sector at the Corners Pro


Access to the Professional Area of Musicora reserved to holders of the Musicora Professional Pass. (3 days pass which gives access to Professional Area and to Musicora exhibition area).

Prices of the Professional Pass :

PassPro (valid for 3 days) :

  •  95€ until May 25, 2018  
  • 110€ a week before the show and on site
  • 50 € TTC discount rate reserved only for members of associations and organizations of New Deal (with promo code).


How to register for the NEW DEAL speedmeetings:  

  • Registration deadlines for ensembles, orchestras, composers and publishers: March 1st to 23th, 2018

First step: request by email

Please send an email to validate your participation at the address newdeal{@} by indicating the names (only the name) of three artistic programs that your ensemble will present during speedmeetings, and that you will upload to our online platform (see 2nd step). 

If you are a member of one of the NEW DEAL organisers, you are automatically registered. However, make sure you receive a confirmation email.   

If you are not a member, you will be advised by end of April if your submission is accepted or not.

Second step: upload the artistic contents that you will present in speedmeetings

  • If you have an account on the platform: log in and add the three selected artistic projects, with description, images, video.
  • If you do not have a user account yet, make your request by email at newdeal{@} and follow the same procedure.

English descriptions are important for international programmers. Your projects will be highlighted on this platform.

Step three: Purchase your Professional Pass on MUSICORA online tickets service.

Musicora Professional Pass gives access to NEW DEAL and all events in the Musicora Professional Area, and to the Exhibition Area of Musicora.  

  • Deadline for registration for programmers, venue directors and festivals: 20 April, 2018.

> Find the presentation of New Deal for programmers, venue directors and festivals.

Please note that speedmeetings with festival and concert venues are accessible only to ensembles whose participation has been accepted (see step 1)


  • Date/hour : Friday 1st, June (9:30 - 18:00) / Saturday 2nd, June (9:30 am to - 12:30)

  • Venue : Musicora Professional Area (« Espace Pro »), Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris

  • Access : reserved to Musicora Professional Pass holders. 

NEW DEAL is a unique initiative carried by professional associations to foster international artistic cooperation within Musicora : The Association des Scènes Nationales, Bureau Export, FEVIS, France Festivals, Futurs Composés, Grands Formats, the Institut français and REMA (European Early Music Network)

NEW DEAL is organised as part of the Professional Days of MUSICORA taking place on Friday 1st (all day long) June and on Saturday, 2nd (morning) June 2018, in Grande Halle de La Villette, Paris.