NEW DEAL @ MUSICORA 2017 - International professional meetings - 2nd edition

NEW DEAL @ MUSICORA 2017 - International professional meetings - 2nd edition

NEW DEAL is a unique initiative carried by professional associations to foster international artistic cooperation within Musicora. For the second time, FEVIS Europe, France Festivals, Futurs Composés, BureauExport and the Institut Français gather to organize a day of speedmeetings and pitches of artistic projects carried out by French or international promoters, artists, composers…

NEW DEAL @ MUSICORA will take place on Friday, April 28th, in the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris.

> To see the video of NEW DEAL @ Musicora 2016

> To read the report on NEW DEAL @ Musicora 2016 (in french)

While in 2016, NEW DEAL focused on fostering exchanges between musical ensembles and promoters via artistic projects. In 2017, NEW DEAL is expanding to include agents, publishers, and composers, and will incorporate educational projects for arts and culture. Two rooms will be dedicated to the event within Musicora Profesional Area (Espace Pro).

SPEEDMEETINGS : 9h30-12h00 /14h00-17h45

More than 800 individual meetings of 12 minutes each, will be organized in this space. The participants' schedules will be prepared by the event organizers, matching the preferences of the French anf international professionals.

To participate in the speedmeetings:

  • You are a member of one of the partner organizations: you must first purchase your Pass Pro Musicora (here), and then register by emailing your completed project form to before March 20th, 2017.
  • You are NOT a member of one of the partenr organizations: you must first purchase your Pass Pro Musicora (here), then apply by emailing your completed project form to before March 20th, 2017. The event organizers will contact you directly if you are selected to participate.
  • You are a promoter or a booker: you must first purchase your Pass Pro Musicora (here), and then email before March 20th, 2017 with a description of your venue or festival as well as the type of projects that interest you. You will be registered automatically.

Deadline of registration: before March 20th, 2017

Presentation of the projects forms to the participants: through March 20th, 2017

Collection of the preferences: through April 10th

Participants will receive their schedules on April 21st.

PROJECTS PRESENTATION: 10h00-12h00 / 14h00-16h00

Several projects developped by ensemble/promoter pairs - possibly accompanied by a third partner such as a composer - will be presented to the professionals present at Musicora. These pitches will be given as a team (both parties must be present), in the form of a 10-minute presentation in English. Audio and video clips of 2-3 minutes may be used at the end of the presentation. Transnational projects are appreciated.

To participate in the project presentations:

You must first purchase your Pass Pro Musicora (here) and then submit a video application by emailing an online link (YouTube, Vimeo…) to Please respect the video application rules. Video files sent directly will not be accepted!

Registration deadline: before February 6th, 2017


NEWDEAL / going digital 

The purpose of NewDeal @Musciora is to shed light on specific projects and introduce them to the community of gathered professionals. For this 2017 edition, we will add a digital component to this process by dedicating 1h30mn to exemplary digital projects in the field of music, that aim at renewing our relationship to audiences. These selected digital projects can be carried out by a music ensembles or orchestra, a label or a venue. Several experts - foundations, digital professionals, publics institutions, journalists… - will be present to hear the 10mn presentations and give some advice to the teams later on in the evening, to help them with their strategies. // BE AWARE - Digital NewDeal will be in FRENCH, as opposed to other presentations during the day.

If you wish to participate, contact before March 15th, 2017. 


> Buy your Pass Pro Musicora :

  • Pass Pro Musicora: 50 euros
  • Pass Pro Musicora with partner rate: 30 euros, reserved for members of FEVIS, France Festivals, Futurs Composés, Bureau Export and Institut français. Registration using the discount code sent by these organizations.

> Download the projects form for speedmeetings

> Download the rules for the video application for projects presentations


Date/hour/place: on Friday, April 28th /9:30 am to 5:45 pm / Espace Pro

Access: reserved for Pass Pro Musicora holders

IMPORTANT: space is limited and registration is required (see registration requirements above) 

Speakers: a detailed schedule of the day's speakers will be handed out on site and will be available on the websites of partners organizations.

For more information: contact

Partners: FEVIS, France Festivals, Futurs Composés, Bureaux Export and Institut français.