Musicora 2019 : first events

Musicora 2019 : first events


  • 8th edition of Musical Competition Family
  • Concert of Line Kruse and her orcherstra 
  • Concert of Marianne Piketty and her ensemble "Le concert Idéal"
  • Couleur Jazz Club
  • Guitare Experience with Jean-Felix Lalanne
  • Hauts-de Seine's Music and Art Public School studens's concert
  • Pierre Lelièvre's recital
  • Saxophone in all its states
  • Urbans Clarinets


  • Best of Music Awakening and Music Learning Apps
  • 100 tips for young musicians
  • Music and Art public school reforms : what will change
  • Ecologie and Music
  • Europe : what policy for music ?


  • Apps and Cloud Earmaster's demonstration
  • Accordina : hybride instrument's between accordion and harmonica (presntation)
  • LENVERS guitare by Hervé Lahoun (presentation) 
  • "Music-in-Box" by Note Ajoutée (presentation)
  • Auction of prestige instruments by Apollium