Musicora 2015 Program

Musicora 2015 Program
Musicora 2015: three days of concerts, showcases, meetings, conferences and workshops for professionals and for the general public

For professionals, music lovers, amateurs, families, the young, curious and passionate people, artistes and people who want to become artists, Musicora will offer three days of concerts, showcases, workshops, meetings and exclusive events, from morning until evening.

Created by classical and jazz music professionals and events specialists, our program aims at satisfying all audiences, making relations between professionals easier and enabling them to attend conferences on concrete issues. Performing arts will of course be at the heart of the fair, through concerts and showcases with confirmed or budding artists.

In progress, full program will be available in the next few weeks.

Concerts and showcases: live performances at the heart of Musicora 2015!

Friday 6th February 2015 > concerts and showcases of classical music
Saturday 7th February 2015 > concerts and showcases of jazz music
Sunday 8th February 2015 > Let's hear traditional music and some accordion!

Concerts for emerging artists on February 6th and 7th

On Friday 6th February, the fair's visitor will have the opportunity to discover in a preview showing young emerging classical singers. Young jazzbands will be playing on Saturday 7th February from 11 a.m until 6 p.m in the auditorium Boris Vian. The five showcases of classical music will be webcasted by online and will be then available for three months.

Five artists are foreseen

Five promising and talented artists are chosen:

  • Chad Hoopes, violin
  • Edgar Moreau, cello
  • Raphaël Sévère, clarinet
  • Jean Rondeau, harpsichord
  • Conrad Tao, piano

Signing sessions will be organized and will enable those five artists to raise their profile and meet with the professionals of the fair and the international public of the webcast.

Conferences for professionals and for the general public

In addition with conferences for the general public on current news about classical and jazz music (program in progress), Musicora creates an area dedicated to professionals and offers conferences and workshops especially designed for the different sectors of music industry.

The conferences will follow four themes:

  • Teaching and trades in the field of music
  • New technologies, new media and new broadcasting processes
  • Economics of the performing arts
  • Sociology of music

Musicora will also be a perfect opportunity to present the results of several ongoing studies on the field.

The toolbox

A series of workshops-conferences in small groups (50 persons), dealing with practical issues, will be also organized: how to organize a festival, to become freelancer, to seek fundings, to create a business plan, to manage archives an documentary resources, presentation of the Cité de la musique's online multimedia library.

Professional meetings

Musicora gives exhibitors the opportunity to rent a space in order to organize specific professional meetings during the fair.

If you want to suggest conference topics or speakers, educational workshops or to put on a professional meeting, please contact us at